Having Good Health is the Greatest Wealth

We make great efforts to preserve our health to achieve a long life with everything and that abounds more misery than moments of true happiness. A single moment of joy often compensates for most of those who cause us discomfort.

You want to achieve a long life, especially when you enjoy abundance and prosperity, wealth and wellbeing and what you most want is to enjoy these gifts. However, there are innumerable occasions in which people with incurable diseases, would gladly give their material goods in exchange for good health.

What has cost nothing is spent without qualms. It is not therefore rare to find many beings, the wisest ones who truly prefer health to money. The anxiety to reach to live long years can also be fed by other reasons. It is the case of a mother or a father whose own life is a necessity for a sick child that depends on their care or that of a scientist or researcher concerned about the result of slow and meticulous experiments that he wishes to carry out successfully.

Healthy Food

Another person who after having suffered misery and poverty for most of his life, unusually by the intervention of luck is in possession of wealth, logically believes that it would be very good to have a long life to enjoy it, although, in the end, it ends up wasting it, because what has cost nothing is spent without qualms.

Others that based on efforts and sacrifices managed to pay for the career of a loved one, and pretend to see him triumphant in his profession, with the hope that the gratitude of that someone alleviates economic discomforts that can subtract them from life. Many other motivations can influence long-lived health wishes.

But on the other side of the coin, there are other different circumstances that almost impose the desire to die. There are many diseases that are more painful and persistent than others and those who suffer from them find no justification to continue living, more if the disease that affects them has ended with their own economic resources and those of affectionate relatives who are already tired of this situation.

It is lived with the undesirable fear of reaching old age lacking health and poor in addition. And the luck with justification or without it indiscriminately as it usually does it, causes diseases and frankly undesirable states of health.

Often these conditions are caused by accidents that were never expected to happen; it is logical that the “bad luck” is commonly blamed, the occurrence of these events because there is no other explanation.

If they come as a consequence to invalidate forever, suicide or the practice of Euthanasia is desired, considering it useless to continue living in these circumstances.

But there is also usually a fatal conformism in these cases of adversity, as well as in those in which diseases are classified by scientists as incurable and an anxious desire to stay alive in the hope of healing may be born. And suddenly the luck appears for these evictees that put in the mouth of some person a suggestion to use simple and traditional remedies, with effects that are considered miraculous.

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